December: Month of Charity

Hi! My name is Danielle, I am 13 years old and wanted to introduce you to our topic for December: Charity. What does charity mean to you? There are many different definitions in the world. Charity means helping out in the community or giving to those in need. Sometimes it’s nice to look at the real definition. The dictionary states that the definition is “The voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need” (Source:  I like to think that we can give our help many more ways than just giving money, including our time and our love.


Helping those in need can help you feel better about who you are. Learning about charity can help kids or anyone for that matter learn how good it feels to help others in need who are less fortunate. People who don’t have everything that we may have. If or when you were young and you always wanted something and your parents wouldn’t get it for you and you happened to be crushed, did you ever think that there were people surrounding your city or other parts of the world that don’t even get the simplest necessities. We are pretty lucky just to have a roof, heat, water, and lots of food.


This month the youth reporting team decided to make a video along with our blog and other posts that you will see. In this video, we interviewed a number of people to find out what charity means to them! We also covered a very few of the many examples of ways that you could help out your community.


There are many organizations helping people in your community like Christmas Cheer, or an Emergency Shelter, you may have somewhere in your city that serves warm meals to the poor or anywhere that may need a little extra help. You can even just buy food or clothes to help those in need. Some churches are preparing Christmas shoe boxes and you can look it up online and see what you are able to bring in to help children in need around the world.


So this month the youth reporting team decided to do charity as our theme of the month, a great time of year where we are reminded to give back and help each other.  From each of us on the Youth Reporting Team, “We wish you a safe and happy holiday!”


Check out, share and let us know what you think of our video here!

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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”  Anne Frank

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