My Special Talents (Gift Version)

Grade Pre-K to 4

On your way to a friend’s house, you discover a squirrel . . . and he’s talking to you! Marlin loves to talk and his goal is to help you see all the things that are unique about you. Take an adventure with your new friend Marlin and learn all about your special talents.  Up to 30% of this book can be created by you! Drawings, photos and text!

Special qualities and talents, uniqueness

Child's name; age; home town; three friends; favourite activities; special qualities, talents and gifts of family; and other surprises.  Up to five (5) of your child's hand drawn, computer drawn pictures or photos can be uploaded too!

What Others Are Saying!

“I like that these books encourage confidence in kids, that is so important. Creating their own books would be fun too!” Kristi

"WOW I just love that their books will teach key character building lessons—respect, love, courage, uniqueness etc…amazing books” Kathy

“I Can! Kids Books allows children (and their parents or family member!) personalize their own story with their friends, their favourite things to do and their goals. The stories encourage and inspire children to constantly reach for their goals. Creating a book is easy to do – we were able to create our own in under five minutes. Our son loved how he could personalize it with his friends and his favourite team!”