If at first you don’t succeed… persevere


Perseverance is an incredibly important skill to have. Throughout life, without this skill, we would constantly give up and not accomplish our dreams.


This is a story about a girl…


I would like to tell you a story about a person I know very well. She is extremely outgoing and enthusiastic. In grade nine she went to a leadership conference anticipated having a really good time learning new skills and meeting new friends. In your first year at the leadership conference you are considered a delegate. After a great first year as a “delegate,” she came back and applied to hopefully be at the next level. At the next level you have a few more responsibilities such as setting things up for the first year delegates, cleaning up and making sure everything is organized. This girl applied for the role by putting a lot of time and effort into her application and answering all the questions. She really wanted this role because it would provide a different experience and she would meet new people, but it didn’t happen, not that year anyway, so she returned as what the organization called a “double delegate.”Watch All Girls Weekend (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


If at first you don’t succeed, (you know the rest…)


Persevere or try and try again!
She wanted to become a leader at the conference and rather than give up, she worked extra hard again on her application. This time, through strong will, determination and perseverance, she got the position, a position that has helped her developed into the person that she is today. Someone who is hardworking, driven, motivated and goes after what she wants no matter how hard it gets or how hard she has to try.


So, the moral of the story is: when adversity stares you in the eyes don’t give up. She persevered and made her way through it. I’m Courtenay, a Youth Reporter with I Can! Kids, and this is my story. This is just one of the times where perseverance paid off and it truly made a big impact in my life. Perseverance is an extremely important value to have and well worth going after something that’s important to you. Stay strong no matter the situation. Be fearless, optimistic and believe in yourself!

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