I Can! Kids is an organization that helps children build positive character traits, as well helps to instill a sense of value into children by developing their self-worth and giving them confidence to achieve their dreams. I Can! Kids sells personalized books that not only teach children that they have the strength, courage, confidence and all that is necessary to achieve their dreams, but also inspire them to do so.


Hi! I am Courtenay. I am 17 years old and am really pleased to introduce the first I Can! Kids Youth Reporting Team! As the YRT, we strive to help parents, our peers and other youth, by providing resources to build youth confidence and other positive skills that will be beneficial throughout their lifetime.


Our members include myself, Giulia, Stewart and Danielle, all between the ages of 13 and 18. Each of us is equally positive, enthusiastic and driven individuals who are motivated and inspired to make a difference in this world. We believe that teaching key life lessons to youth is very important. As youth, we can be very vulnerable and susceptible to many negative influences from peers, to media and even to society itself. It is extremely easy to influence youth, so being able to teach kids positive life lessons is important as they can adapt them into their everyday life, and hopefully, change the world for the better. Each of us has the same goal and similarly wanted to be a part of this organization for the same reason: to help inspire others and instill values that will be kept for a lifetime!


Each month, at I Can! Kids, we will select a topic that we think is important to teach youth. We hope to provide resources for either you, or if parents, your children, to inspire, educate and entertain. Check us out on our facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram and pinterest pages @icankidsbooks. Follow us, like us, pin us, whatever you need to do to share our messages with youth, we would appreciate!


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