Hi I am Danielle, 13 years old, and I have been asked to share my special gift with you.  Each of us have special gifts but sometimes it is difficult for us to see what gifts we have been provided with.


My special gifts are empathy and benevolence.  That is one reason why I like belonging to the Jags for Justice and School Council.  In both these groups, I can care with everything I have in me to help others out. At Jags for Justice, we go to the Dew Drop Inn where we make meals for the less fortunate. When we go, we feed about 200 people a day. Through the School Council, we also organize fundraisers that the students enjoy. For those days, we make people pay to do something or wear whatever we have planned for the day.  This helps to raise money for charities.  That is what I do to nurture my special gifts.


Seeing people who are less fortunate inspire me to try and make a difference in the world. Watching them walk around the streets makes me feel bad sometimes because my parents pay a lot of money just for after school activities. When I was nine, I asked for money for my birthday to help a child in Africa who had no money or food or medical care. Teachers at my school have helped me help other people too.


Do you or your child need help identifying your special gifts or talents.  I have ideas.  A starting point is to think about what you enjoy the most, when you feel the happiest. Write them all down.  I am sure that you will find that at least one of those things will lead you to your special gift or talent.  Also, think about which sports you really enjoy, maybe that is one of your talents.  Just like dance for me.


If you just try your hardest. Try and you will succeed.

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