Earlier this month we talked about inspiring our children to persevere. Our children go through so many stages in life that tend to sneak up on you quickly. One day we’re reading cardboard books to our kids, the next we are re-learning algebra formulas at the kitchen table. Teaching our children life’s essential skills, including perseverance, is a daunting task, but there are many different ways to tackle it. An excellent way to spark our kid’s interest is to let them work towards a goal in which they gain a direct benefit. Take fundraising for example.


“Excuse me, would you like to buy some Girl Guide cookies?”


Fundraising eventually always pops up in our children’s lives, whether it’s through an extracurricular activity or through an educational experience at school. It’s an opportunity for our kids to work towards a goal that they feel passionate about and a chance to take on a challenge that they can feel accomplishment from. I Can! Kids has connected with an organization that encourages these learning behaviours. Here is an example of perseverance in our local community.


Are you a classic chocolate and vanilla fan, or do the chocolate mint cookies stop you in your tracks?


For years parents and guardians have purchased Girl Guide cookies from those cute little girls in the blue outfits and caps that catch you as you are leaving the supermarket. The cookies are delicious and support a great cause. Recently, I Can! Kids, while at the supermarket, was inspired by the hard work and dedication of these girls with contagious enthusiasm from the 4th Thunder Bay Pathfinder Unit, a branch of Girl Guides of Canada, a non-profit, all-girl program that invites young girls ages 12 to 14 to challenge themselves, meet new friends and make a difference in their community and worldwide.


As an amazing opportunity, the 4th Thunder Bay Pathfinders are traveling to Europe in July 2015 with Girl Guides of Canada viagra pas cher. Their trip to Europe will include visiting one of the World Centre’s Pax Lodge, in London, and travelling through many countries to learn about cultural differences.


Hannah, Teanna, and Alyssa make up the small, but mighty group of the 4th Thunder Bay Pathfinders Unit.  These girls have been working very hard fundraising by selling Girl Guide cookies to family, friends and at the local supermarket. Through their years with Girl Guides, they have learned that it takes hard work and perseverance to reach their goals.


This is not the first time that they have worked together to raise funds for exciting educational opportunities. In the past the girls have fundraised for camping trips, organized activities with other branches (like Brownies) and more recently – travelled to Dryden to meet with the other Pathfinders that will be travelling to Europe with them.


“It takes time but it’s worth it – don’t give up!”


So far, the girls have been able to sell approximately 120-140 cases of cookies each with 12 boxes of cookies per case. They have a goal of selling 240 cases each before they leave in July. That’s a huge task for a group of three girls, but they are excited and motivated! I Can! Kids asked the girls what they’re most excited for once all of their hard work is over. They are looking forward to sightseeing, visiting other countries (England, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Holland to be exact) and experiencing the cultures each country offers.


We also asked the girls if they had any tips for other kids that were working really hard towards their own goals. They said…


“It’s a lot of work, but it’s always really fun in the end…”


After their trip to Europe, the girls will be fundraising yet again to attend the International Girl Guide event in Calgary, Alberta. By taking on the challenge of fundraising, the girls are gaining confidence to reach their goals and dreams, while learning the value of perseverance and how to become resourceful leaders.


To learn more about Girl Guides of Canada click here. To follow the girl’s fundraising adventure, or to see an update on their goal click here.


We want our children to be successful in anything they pursue and as parents, guardians, coaches or leaders we will support them in any way that we can. If they are willing to work towards a goal, they need to know we stand behind them cheering.


The 4th Thunder Bay Pathfinders is guided by motivated leaders that double as proud parents, guardians and mentors. When interviewing the girls, I Can! Kids also had a chance to talk to one of the leaders, Danielle, who is also Teanna’s mother. Danielle says that seeing the girls overcome their fears is her favourite part of guiding the pathfinder’s unit. She has seen the girls achieve things that they didn’t think they could, and experienced the moments when they’ve surprised themselves with their accomplishments.


I Can! Kids envisions a world where children have the inspiration to dream big, the confidence to set goals, and the strength and courage to achieve them. We encourage new learning experiences! Especially when it boosts confidence, and gives kids the strength and courage to reach their dreams. Our personalized children’s books help parents, grandparents, teachers and coaches show children when they work hard toward achieving their dreams, they will find success in their lives. To learn more about I Can! Kids or to personalize a book of your own, click here


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