I’m Giulia, a member of the Youth Reporting Team at I Can! Kids, and perseverance is our theme for April. To me, perseverance means never giving up no matter what obstacles and challenges arise. Growing up, I know there were many times where I persevered, but didn’t even know it. Persevering can be getting back on your bike after falling nine times, skating again after breaking your ankle, trying to perfect a recipe for the 5th time or even striving to get good grades regardless of the quiz you didn’t do so well on. It is important to persevere in life and never give up no matter what!


Perseverance means never giving up


An example of perseverance in my own life was when I was 14 years old and preparing to compete in a dance competition. My dance group prepared many months in advance. We all worked so hard and practiced every week to do our best at perfecting our dance. I was so nervous because that year we had harder choreography than ever before! Our dance teacher was really challenging us to become better dancers, and at times it was very difficult. Sometimes I wanted to quit and thought: “I can’t do this.” A few of our girls got injured throughout the year and sometimes things just didn’t work out as planned. Even through all of this, my group and I persevered, picked ourselves up, and got through it.


On competition day, my dance group huddled together and told each other that regardless of what place we get or the mark we receive, we are winners. We worked so hard and kept going no matter what obstacles we faced. In the end, my dance group came first and received a platinum score! This was our highest mark we’ve ever received! I was ecstatic and full of joy, because in the end, all of our hard work had paid off. All of the struggles and challenges had only made us all better.


The challenges we face make us stronger


It can be easy to quit when things become hard, or when tragedy and failures occur, but don’t
EVER give up. I’m only 17 and still have many more lessons to learn, but as a teen, I have learned important lessons in my life so far. To be successful and achieve greatness in anything, you must persevere. Just keep trying, stay strong and believe in yourself. Do not let failure bring you down! Learn from your mistakes and try again. Look into the mirror and tell yourself: “I am special, I am strong, I CAN do this!” Believing in yourself is the first step to success!


Achieving success and personal goals can be very difficult, but with perseverance, all things are attainable! Life gets tough and things do not always go as planned, but that’s okay. Life isn’t perfect and neither are you and me. All we can do is try our best.


I will leave you with the words of a famous Japanese Proverb: “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

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