Stewart here from the I Can! Kids Youth Reporting Team.  April’s topic is perseverance and on that note I looked up the definition to share with you. Perseverance is “Steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.”


Steady persistence. A Purpose. A State…in spite of obstacles


Everyone has a perseverance story or they have a hero or role model who has persevered.

My hero is my dad and this is his perseverance story. It started off as a normal evening. My dad was heading to his late-night hockey game. During the game as he went for the puck he caught an edge in the ice and fell. After the game he was having trouble walking, so he went home and iced his back. A week later he was still having pain in his back so he went to the hospital. They said that it was incredible that he was still able to walk because of the injury and rushed him into ICU.


After the surgery my dad was still having trouble walking and there was nothing the hospital could do for him. So even with the trouble walking he decided to find another way to get back to normal. He walked on the treadmill everyday trying to build up muscles to ease the pain of walking, and it worked. With perseverance, my dad got himself back to normal, and he was really happy about that. That is his story of perseverance. What’s yours?

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