Hi! My name is Stewart, I am 14 years old. Our topic for February is Special Talents. My gift is my sense of humour. I always try to cheer people up or just get a good laugh out of my friends.

Some people have a hard time finding their talent. I, myself, didn’t become aware of my talent until I was watching my family at a party. My uncle is always the life of the party, making jokes and causing everyone to laugh. That is when I realized what my talent was. If you are trying to find your special gift or talent, look around you, try to find someone that you see using their special talent that is similar to yours.


Some ways to nurture the growth of your special talents are encouragement from family, positive feedback, and feedback from people around you such as friends at school or teachers. When I became aware of my special gift, my family and friends encouraged me to continue to use it to cheer people up or give people a good laugh.


I will use my special gift to help people who are down and feeling alone by making them laugh and smile. I can use it in my career to brighten up the mood or just make people realize it’s ok to have fun while working. Share your special talents in the comment section.

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